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It's about responsive service and a reliable supply of quality products, all at a competitive price. That's what we promise our customers and our promise is our word.

Your business needs to remain competitive in an ever changing volatile market. Irving Oil works hard to provide quality products and services to ensure your companies competitiveness.  How can we help?  Irving Wholesale offers superior quality control across our entire supply chain and a proven track record of refining high quality fuels. Our wholesale products are often ahead of regulations with environmentally responsible petroleum products. Better fuels deliver optimum performance wherever they’re used, a difference your customers will notice. 

Irving Oil is here for you every step of the way. We understand the market and are dedicated to serving our wholesale customers; we have been there for you in the past, the present and look forward to our future partnerships.

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Reliable Service, Quality Products

Reliable Service, Quality Products

"No matter how harsh the weather, the Irving product quality has never let me down.”